5S Housekeeping Training

5S housekeeping signifies importance of hygiene at workplace. . Good housekeeping is one of the important factors for success of business. It offers high quality work environment, low cost of maintenance and high efficiency. Thus, every employee in your company (specially the production personnel) must be aware of 5S housekeeping practices.

We run a course as part of our training services “5S Housekeeping Training” that will teach your employees the basic and systematic approach for quality, productivity and safety. We will provide knowledge about special procedure that must be followed at factories and manufacturing plants for quality production.

The 5S training program will focus on visual order, cleanliness, organisation and standardization of a company. The candidates will learn how they can utilize material, improve daily timings, reduce maintenance cost and downtime, improve employees’ morale and make his office a better workplace.

The course will teach you step-by-step approach of implementing a 5S Housekeeping system at your workplace. You can see the results as improved efficiency, quality, service, profitability and safety. Thus, you can improve the revenues of your company by keeping it clean and organised.