CE Marking for LVD- 2006/95/EC

CE Marking for Low Voltage Equipment (LVD) – 2006/95/EC
The 2006/95/EC Directory is applied to all the electrical low voltage equipments. Designed to use with a voltage rated between 50 and 1000 V AC . All the plugs and sockets are covered separately by the legislation namely with Plugs and Sockets. The Low Voltage Equipment includes consumer and capital goods that are designed to operate with the voltage limits. It includes electrical appliances such as switchgear, ballasts, electrical wiring, cord sets, appliance couplers, electrical installation equipment etc.

Some of the safety objectives are laid down by this directive. All the electrical products and services are confirmed fully according to the safety objectives of the LVD. In case if manufacturer construct a product in conformity with the essential requirements without harmonising it to the national standards, the product will not be benefitted from conformity and the manufacturer had to include in the technical documentation.

You will have to put together a technical documentation which helps in assessing the product whether it complies with the directive or not. You also have to draw up a conformity declaration.

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