ISO 22000 Certification

Tell the world about your safe food products delivery……

If you own a food production business, certify your organization with ISO 22000 certification that deals with food safety management. ISO 2200, International standard that is suitable for any business exists in the entire food chain. Also includes organizations seeking to integrate their quality management system.
This standard provides assurance to your customers that you deliver safe food products and services.

The increased demand of world for the safer food continues to introduce new range of other initiatives, resulting a significant duplication of efforts for companies with increased cost. Therefore ISO has introduced an internationally recognized standard, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System.

This standard combines several key elements to ensure food safety along with food chain and that includes:

  • Interactive Communication with other partners in the food supply chain.
  • Pre-requisite programmes and HACCP plans to control food safety hazards.
  • Regular improvement and updation of food safety management.


  • Delivers a framework for 3rd party certification with clear requirements of an auditable standard.
  • Verification of management system suitability and reliability.
  • Develop transparency around responsibilities and accountability.
  • Improved management system for effectiveness.
  • Enhanced corporate image and business reputation.
  • Tell your customers that you care and have a commitment to their well-being.
  • Spread staff-awareness and increased visibility of corporate obligations.