CE Marking for PED – 97/23/EC

CE Marking for Pressure Equipment (PED) – 97/23/EC

The PED (Pressure Equipment) came into force on 29 November 1999. From that day, the manufacturers had a choice between applying the pressure equipment directive or continuing with the application and the pressure equipment directive is mandatory throughout the Europe. The PED includes design verification, manufacturing practises and qualification, product marking and testing.


For European Economic Area, all the applicable items of pressure equipment must be fully compliant with the PED. All the manufacturers must develop the suitable Technical files for their products and services.

All those manufacturers who are compliant prior May 2002 and using CE marking on their pressure equipments has a passport to trade free and must go into service in all the states of EEA without complying to any regulations.

The PED offers 14 different conformity assessment options to the manufacturers of pressure equipments which helps in demonstrating compliance on Quality Assurance, Direct Inspection and testing. Businesses can take benefit of the current quality system and satisfy the necessary Safety Requirements of PED.

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