CE Marking for SPV – 87/404/EEC

CE Marking for Simple Pressure Vessels – 87/404/EEC

The 87/404/EEC is compliant for Simple pressure vessels which contains air or nitrogen at a greater pressure than 0.5 bar and less than 30 bar. These vessels must be manufactured in a proper series and must be of welded steel and aluminium construction with a complete pressure. This directive categorizes all the vessels according to the stored energy and expressed in terms of the product.

With the help of CE marking directives, you can get the pressurised reservoir to smoothen the air supply from a compressor minimising the change in pressure with variations in flow rate. You can also use the compresses air from the vessel to be the part of a paint spraying system and to drive various pneumatic tools.

The main aim of this directive is to ensure the free movement of simple pressure vessels that is market by harmonizing the safety requirements which must be confirmed. Determines the main objectives and necessary requirements which must be satisfied at the time of manufacturing.

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