CE Marking Training (INDIA) Medical Devices


CE marking is a mandatory label required for selling products in the European Economic Area (EEA). CE is an abbreviation for “Conformité Européenne”, which means “European Conformity”. This label has become a symbol for free marketing of goods in European Union member states.

CE marking India on a product ensures that it comply with health, safety and environment protection specification of the European Union. This label is a declaration from the manufacturer for the quality standard of his products. He takes complete responsibility of his goods meeting with legal requirements of European Union member countries.

This also applies on countries which do not come under European Economic Area. The manufacturers from non-European countries can also sell their products in European countries. This law was introduced to make things simplified and have a common law in all the European Union member states. Quality was obviously the main reason for the enforcement of this law.

We have designed a CE Marking training course to make you aware about the specification of CE marking law. you will get to know about the complete process of getting a CE mark for your product, legal formalities, documentation required, step-by-step procedures, list of products which come under this law and benefits of getting a CE label.

Top level management, regulatory officers, person responsible for checking the product on quality standard must be aware about all the details of CE marking for medical devices. This legal formality will help you in expanding the reach of your business along with keeping you on the right side of law.

Our tutors will help you with all the queries regarding CE marking procedure. The course will give a brief history about the law and the latest updates made therein. We ensure that you will deliver quality product and services to your customers.