CE Marking

Every product needs a certification that makes us aware about the safety and quality of the products and services for the satisfaction of customer.
Introducing you CE marking that is significant marking for all those products that are sold in the European Economic Area. By Marking CE in any product, Manufacturer is declaring that the products he has manufactured meets the requirement of the applicable EC directives.

In actual CE meanings are disputed and is often taken to be European Conformity. In German, the CE marking was known as EG-Zeichen and in Europe, the CE logo has become a symbol for free marketability of industrial good.

Get an easy access into the European market by ensuring that the product is meeting all the CE marking requirements. If you fall into the category of one or more new approach directives then you need a professional guidance to fulfill all the requirements of these directives. This scope will provide a range of agreement routes for your product which is usually in a modular format.

When a customer buys a CE marking product then it doesn’t mean that it conveys any meaning to specifiers, qualityful product but entitled to assume that whatever a consumer is purchasing is from a reputable and legal source.

If you read a letter CE on any product then it is intended for regulatory surveillance authorities. Representing claim that all the requirements of European Directives have been satisfied. There are many products that comes under these directives such as toys, games etc. Acts as a legal requirement according to the product.

Just Request a quote to us and our advisers will help you understand what your certification will cost.

  1. CE Marking for Medical Devices (MDD) – 93/42/EEC
  2. CE Marking for Pressure Equipment (PED) – 97/23/EC
  3. CE Marking for Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive -99/36/EC
  4. CE Marking for Simple Pressure Vessels – 87/404/EEC
  5. CE Marking for Construction Products (CPD) – 89/106/EEC
  6. CE Marking for Low Voltage Equipment (LVD) – 2006/95/EC
  7. CE Marking for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) -89/336/EEC
  8. CE Marking for Machinery – 98/37/EC
  9. CE Marking for Lifts – 95/16/EC
  10. CE Marking for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – 89/686/EEC
  11. CE Marking for Toys – 88/378/EEC