Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is a system designed for ensuring that products are manufactured according to the quality standards that apply on them. This system is designed to ensure that risk (that cannot be eliminated even after final testing) involved in producing pharmaceutical products are minimum.

Compliance with GMP is considered as the best way to conduct business while giving preference to quality. So, you can develop your business in the best way by following the GMP system. All aspects of production such as materials, premises, equipments and personal hygiene of staff involved in production process are covered under GMP.

We provide a training service for providing details about Good Manufacturing Practices covering each and every aspect of production process. The course is an interactive learning session, which will make you familiar with Quality system, equipments, picking right material, following proper production system, appropriate testing and safe packaging.

You can enroll in GMP training according to your requirement and field of operation. There are also different sessions for managerial level staff and operational staff. Just contact us with all your requirements and we will plan an informative and beneficial training session for you according to your convenience.