ISO 16949 Training


ISO / TS 16949: Awareness training, Training on 7 QC Tools, MSA, SMED, 3M, Poke Yoke, Core tools

ISO/TS 16949 Awareness Training

The International Organisation of Standardisation has defined the ISO/TS 16949 standard for design, development, production, installation and service of automotive products. This standard applies to areas of an organisation where customer-specified parts for service and production are manufactured.

Our ISO/TS 16949 Awareness training is designed to provide you knowledge about requirements of automotive industry as stated in the ISO standard. Our experts will give strong clarification for all your doubts.

The awareness training is planned with an aim to make you familiar with this standard. You will realize the benefits of this standard during the training session. This course is recommended for all who want to update their knowledge on ISO specifications for automotive industry.

Training on 7 QC Tools

7 QC tools or 7 Quality Control tools (Flowcharts, Checklist, Cause and Effect Diagrams, Pareto Analysis, Histogram, Scatter Diagrams, Control Charts) are fundamental tools for analysing data and continuous improvement. These tools help in developing a strong customer focus and improve workflow by identifying risks and issues.

Our 7 QC training will teach all the problem solving tools to delegates and skills to use them in different scenarios. The delegates will be able to collect factual information and use it to come to workable conclusions and work in team to solve a problem using common method. Professionals involved in production and service can benefit from this training to comply with the ISO/TS 16949 standards.

MSA (Measurement Systems Analysis) Training

The aim of this training is to provide understanding about the importance of MSA in improving and monitoring the production process. We will provide a practical knowledge of how to use statistical methods while analysing the measurement system. We work hard to help quality managers, lab technicians, internal auditors and persons responsible for monitoring measurement systems to deliver their responsibilities effectively.
SMED Training

The modern customers are highly demanding; they want more in less. Even though you try hard to meet to their expectations by employing more people and machinery, but sometimes it become impossible to make the shipment. If this is the situation, you need to focus on setup timings.

You can keep a check on set up timings using techniques of SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies). SMED refers to techniques and theories of completing setup activities within ten minutes. The improvement in setup time will let you complete all shipments in time.

We have designed a training to introduce SMED to delegates. The course teaches techniques for setup time improvement, analysis of present setup procedure, defining required modifications, preparation of flowchart and documenting necessary reports for presenting them to management.

Training on 3M devices

3M is an American multinational corporation, which manufactures more than 55,000 products including laminates, adhesives, fire protection, medical products, electronic materials and more.

We have designed a training course, where candidates will learn to work on 3M products. Our trainers will give you tips t improve productivity and minimize re-work by opting appropriate production techniques.

Poka Yoke Training

Poka Yoke is a technique used for avoiding and eliminating defects, errors and mistakes. This technique is generally used in manufacturing process.

We have designed the Poka Yoke training to impart knowledge about zero-defects techniques. You will learn the skills to use this technique effectively and identify the best use of the technique.
Training on Core tools

We have designed this course for Internal Auditors, Managers, Implementation team and others who are responsible for implementing or auditing Quality Planning activities. Knowledge about the Advanced Quality Planning and Core Tools would benefit the candidates for moving ahead in their career.