Demonstrate your clients about your commitment to deliver consistent quality by following Kitemark license for your business. Kitemark is one of the valuable product and service quality certification mark in UK, owned and operated by the British Standards Institution. This certification is frequently used to identify and verify all the products where safety is necessary. Also applied to some services also such as car servicing, electrical installations, accident repair and window installations.

If your business requires Kitemark certification then follow the process to get compliance with it. Firstly select the appropriate Kitemark scheme according to the needs and requirements of your business. request a quote along with necessary details of your business. Submit an application to get started with initial product and service testing. After that, initial assessment of your business will start and license will issued to your business. This symbol can be used on your product and marketing material.

Benefits :

  • Increased sales and revenue by giving your business an authorization.
  • Reduced costs by lowering business risk and managing system.
  • Enhanced brand equity by providing full satisfaction to your customers.
  • Gets you attain increased customer confidence and loyalty.