Organic farming is one of the fastest growing sectors in the production field. With the growing user demand , the popularity of organic farming is on sky.
Therefore we have introduced Organic certification for all the producers of organic food and other agricultural products.

Our main aim is to support all those hardworking growers. Any business that includes in different sectors of food production such as seed suppliers, farmers, retailers and restaurants can be easily verified.

The requirements for these production business may vary from country to country which includes a set of production standards for storage, growing, packaging and processing.

1. None of the human sewage fertilizer is used in cultivation of plants and feeding of animals.

2. Reduced use of synthetic chemical inputs is nowhere present on the National List of Allowed and Prohibited substances.

3. Produce plants in a farmland that has been free from prohibited synthetic chemicals.

4. Maintenance of strict physical separation from all those non-certified products.

5. On-site inspections periodically.

Organic certification demonstrates a worldwide demand for organic food assuring quality. Organic producers will identify the suppliers of products approved to get in use in certified operations. Customers will be served as a product assurance with a certified organic logo on any product. This certification mainly focuses at regulating and facilitating the sale of organic products to consumers. There are many benefits that comes under this certification:

  • Satisfy the needs of growing market for organic food materials.
  • Make your business sustainable with organic food production.
  • Meet the requirements of testing and Integrated Pest Management Program by following sustainable production.
  • Make your business compliance with the maximum residue limits.