SA 8000 Certification

Audit social accountability at your workplace

SA 8000 certification acts as world’s first auditable social certification standards for workplaces over all the industrial sectors. This standard is based on the conventions of ILO, UN and national law where corporate codes are used to create a common language and to measure social compliance. Comes out with a management system by setting out structures and procedures that companies should adopt in order to ensure review the standard compliance. A certification that encourages industries to develop, maintain and introduce socially acceptable practices in the workplaces.

We will provide you full compliance with SA8000 that requires the adoption of some policies and procedures, protecting the basic human rights of workers. Get certified with this standard to make your organization accredit. Whatever facilities you provide must be audited and certified. Our auditor will assess factories and corporate office verifying a wide range of issues evaluating the company’s management system.

Some of the elements are included in this certification :

1. Child Labor
2. Health & Safety
3. Forced & Compulsory Labor
4. Discrimination
5. Remuneration
6. Management Systems
7. Disciplinary Practices
8. Working Hours

Once your organization has implemented any necessary improvements, it can get you a certificate attested in compliance with SA800. The certification includes a public report that will tell good practice to customers, buyers and other organizations who are intended to be an important milestone to improve workplace conditions. This standard can benefit your organization to improve self morale, enhanced competitiveness and reliable business partnership.