Six Sigma


Six Sigma was developed in 1986 by Motorola to improve the manufacturing process with an aim to produce 99.9% defect-free products. ISO (International Organisation of Standardisation) has also published Six Sigma as a quality standard. Now, the method is used as a data-driven system of improving production and quality performance in various sectors and organisations, irrespective of their size and field of expertise.

This system can be effectively used to solve serious business issues. Various businesses across the world are using this system to stand in the competitive market and increase their customers’ satisfaction. After bringing the best practices of Six Sigma under an ISO standard, this practice has become more consolidate. ISO is a respected brand and is recognised for quality products and services. Thus, it adds more reliability to the method.

We provide a training program that will teach you to utilize the Six Sigma system for your business. Our tutors will provide knowledge about how to improve various business activities, make statistics-based decisions, measure business results, prepare for future risks and work on defects and errors.

After finishing the course, you will be able to contribute more in your business activities and in a much better way. You will see that a proper system will let you perform the day-to-day business activities more smoothly.