Waste Magmt Training

A lot of waste or residue is generated during the process of production, but the industries cannot dump this waste anywhere. There are guidelines and legislations formed for waste management keeping in view the safety of environment and health.

We have designed a course “Waste management Training” to help environmental professionals in their waste management responsibility. Our experienced tutors will teach about the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and its specifications.

The students will learn the basic terminology and definitions of different types of wastes, their labeling criteria, storage requirements, disposal facilities and methods. Tutors will provide comprehensive sessions on techniques to collect the waste and transfer it from one place to another. There are other topics that will be covered in the training such as techniques for dumping the waste and recycling it for further use.

The benefits of this course will come in terms of money, environment safety, legal-compliance and efficient management of waste material.